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Frustration pg. 1

He just gets under my skin so much! Urgg!


 I wonder if he’s trying to get under there on purpose?


He just frustrates me to no end!


And to think I used to like this guy!


We are in Dr. Perkins class and he is in a particular jackass mood. He tells me to shut the fuck up and right now I just wish that I would curse out loud. I’d put him in his place so good.


But of course I am not the cursing kind of person, so I don’t.


Nikki eyes me from the other side of him but I just roll my eyes at her, he’s being ridiculous. He thinks its funny to act this way and truthfully, it sometimes is. She shakes her head at me. For the rest of class I am unable to pay attention.


You know he didn’t come to play practice today because he had to ‘usher’ for Beauty and the Beast, a play at his old high school. Of course this was a lie; he was only going to see it again because his best friend Erica was in it.


 Yes his best friend is a girl.


They are more like siblings if you ask me, super close.


Anyways, he missed practice and he didn’t come over to study with me for the test we have tomorrow in Calculus so now I am pretty much screwed.


And then when I texted him about it he just says. “Sorry, I didn’t know we were gonna go out after the show.”


Then just tell them you can’t go out! You have to study!


I give him a pretty hard time and I really don’t care because he deserved it! He really screwed me over.


So he’s currently not really talking to me and I don’t care at the moment. I know we will be back to normal in the morning, but sometimes I just wonder if he takes me for granted.


Does he just think he can do me any kind of way and get away with it?


Cause that is certainly not the case!


I guess I’m so mad because I know that if the roles had been reversed I would have never left him hanging like that.


It sucks to realize that you might care about someone more than they care about you.


But whatever, it’s a hair flip right? I certainly hope so.

New Chapter in Journal To PuertoRico

Hi people! Just wanted to let you know that there is a new chapter in Journal to PuertoRico. I think I am actually starting to get the hang of the lj-cut thing so hopefully there will be no more mistakes with that! But please check it out and leave reviews because we have sooo much planned with this story and have really researched what the two were doing in Puerto Rico but it is hard to continue writing without inspiration. So please check it out and leave a comment! Thanks and God Bless!

Journal to Puerto Rico - Chapter 2

Author’s note: Thank you to those of you all who replied and told us what you thought about the story! We really appreciated it! We worked really hard on this chapter! Stayed up til four in the morning actually so I really hope you enjoy it! Please put the story on “follow” so that you will be able to keep up with it! And please leave feedback! It’s really hard to continue writing something without encouragement! Thank you guys and enjoy!!



“Journey to Puerto Rico

Chapter 2: Tinkerbell



Good morning Puerto Rico!!! I have missed you so! Puerto Rico is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Everyone should just runaway here…that sounds good. I’m gonna put it on my myspace!!


Oh my gosh I don’t even know why I said good morning! It’s not morning! It’s like noon! I think…*looks at cell phone*…yeah. It’s like around noon.  It is February 17th. And we just got here well actually we got here around 2 o’clock in the morning. So I got a pretty decent amount of sleep! :) Yay!!


Speaking of sleep, I had THE weirdest/frustrating dream ever!! I was at an event and guess who was sitting right in front of me?!?!?! Shia Labeof!! I know! Freakin awesome!


Anyways the whole time I was talking to him. It was awesome!! And then he asked me out on a date, which was what I had been waiting for! And just when we both got up to leave and go on our date, he turned into some other guy; some random guy that I had never even seen before!!!! I kept trying to make him turn back into Shia but it wouldn’t work!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!


Don’t you hate it when your dreams get screwed up like that?! Anyways, besides that. I had a good night of sleep. Slept like a baby!


Oh! Let me feel you guys in on some of the things that happened after my last journal entry! After about an hour of napping, David moved back to his seat and I listened to my ipod for a bit. Oh here’s something funny! David told me that when he moved back to his seat, the old man beside him was totally knocked out and sleep talking about how much he loved Disney. Freakin hilarious!......a little creepy if you think about it. Lol.


My vote is that the dude was totally not sleeping! David signed his suitcase though. I thought that was a pretty funny story!


A lot of funny things seem to happen to David. He witnessed a deranged man feeding his shoe to the escalator in the airport yesterday…I guess that was more weird than funny……


Well that’s about all that happened yesterday. We were all pretty exhausted when we got here so we pretty much, got our rooms, and passed out. I’m rooming with my momma. She’s in the gym right now. I swear she’s starting to go there more than David! They’re probably down there together right now! No, that would be weird.


Still, just in case, I might mosey myself on over to the good ol’ gym and have myself a looksee….just kidding! I have a life!


And I just happen to be VERY busy right now! Imagine this:


Me amongst a plethora (like the word, don’t you?!) of white, fluffy pillows; the biggest one propped behind my head. I lounge, my journal in hand – wait no! Scratch that! - Delicate fingers, pencil to paper as I write melodies of poeticnism.


Totally just made up a word! But that was deep wasn’t it?! Swear I should be a writer! But basically what I’m saying is, “I’m nice and cozy and don’t feel like moving.” Guess I’m not really that busy after all; just lazy! Sorry if my randomness confuses you. I can’t help it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Anyways, I should probably be getting out of bed like…now. I was totally supposed to have brunch with the cast like 15 minutes ago! Totally overslept so now I have to rush and try to make that!


So, I’m headed to my closet right now to pick out an outfit. Might as well be fashionably late! Oh my gosh my hair looks crazy! I hate bed hair! What? You didn’t think that celebrity’s hair always looked perfect did you? Takes work people! :) Later journal!!


I tap my foot to the beat of the catchy elevator music as I ride down to the lobby. I can think of a couple of words I would put to this tune.


‘I can’t wait to get to brunch and crunch munch munch. The food will be so yummy and also in my tummy. Cause I am so hungry…I am hungry like a monkey?? I will eat it, eat it, eat it up…and eat it, eat it, eat it up!’


It’s the next big hit you guys!! You’ll be the first in line for the album!  I know you guys won’t let me down! J/k! I wouldn’t let you waste your money on that one. I’m not as gifted a lyricist as Demi but I’m pretty darn good! I’ll give you a taste of the real stuff later if you’re good!


The elevator finally reaches the lobby and I greet the receptionist as I walk past. She’s so nice; everyone in Puerto Rico is!


I turn the corner and head to the nice hotel restaurant. I can already taste the delicious pizza and pancakes. Mom’s not gonna like that though…but my tummy will!!


I walk into the restaurant, Tapas con Marco as the sign says. Cool name…I immediately spot my second family/ the cast. They are seated at a long cherry wood table. I smile when I see them and walk towards them. As soon as I close in so that I am only about 5 paces away from the table, David DeLuise  (my father on Wizards, for those of you who don’t know!) leads this dramatic round of applause.


Everyone joins in. Couldn’t just let me slip in peacefully could you David?!


“She decided to come!” he exclaimed dramatically and I roll my eyes. He is such a jokester but he’s absolutely awesome. I love my dad!


I greet everyone around the table: Maria, (Mom on Wizards) her two daughters Maddie and Bridge, Jake and mom, David’s mom – whoa. Where’s David??  I slide myself into the seat between mom and Jake. I wonder where David is.  I ask his mom as my mom hands me a menu.


She says he’s not feeling well. Oh gosh. I wonder what’s wrong with him. I hope he’s alright. It totally sucks that he’s sick his first day in Puerto Rico. What am I gonna do today???!!


I can’t help the pout that forms on my face as I browse through the menu. My buddy’s sick. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I’m in my room right now writing and watching Disney Channel. I still watch it when I can; even though right now it’s watching me more than anything!


Brunch was pretty uneventful but not boring. I’m never bored when I’m with the cast. We all chatted about our room and plans for the day. The food was amazing!


I told Jake about my Shia dream. He didn’t really appreciate it. I can’t wait til Jennifer comes. All Jake did was laugh at the way my dream ended. He said it was hilarious. Uncool.


I look up at the television when I hear David’s voice and I watch as he draws the Disney logo with the green glow stick. I totally meant to go check in on him earlier, but then I got pulled into shopping by mom and you know how the story goes.


Let me see how he’s doing. Maybe bring him a poptart or something…….





I play with my fingers as I wait for David to answer the door. I hear him shuffling about so I know he’s coming…slowly but surely.


He opens the door. He looks awful but I’m sure he knows that so I won’t bother him about it.


“Hey” he groggily greets me, his eyes tiny slits of tiredness.


“Hey yourself sleepyhead.” I reply before letting myself in.


I hear him chuckle behind me.


“Sure come in Selena.” He mutters sarcastically. That’s so David.


“I’m already in silly.” I deadpan.

I sit on the edge of his messy bed and he sits down beside me and stretches his arms tiredly.


It is now that I decide to place Tinkerbell  in his lap.


“Why are you giving me dragonfly?” he asks, looking up at me with a confused frown on his face.


I just smile at him.


“Her name’s Tinkerbell.” I say, rolling my eyes. “She’ll make you feel better.” I simply explain, answering his previous question.


He looks a little amused as he places the teddy bear on his pillow.


“Selena…seriously? Are you trying to take away my manhood?” he asks and I giggle.


“Ok! Sooory. It was just a thought. I brought you some LaffyTaffy’s.” I offer and he immediately responds.


“No way! I love those things!” he exclaims before grabbing them from my outstretched hand.


He enthusiastically opens a yellow one and pops it into his mouth.


“You are completely forgiven for the teddy bear thing!” he says, mouth full of candy.


I smile confidently.


“Just call me doctor Selena.” I say, chest poked out boastfully. “I’m better than medicine.”


“Well maybe I should try you out because these damn antibiotics aren’t doing a thing.” David mutters and as if on cue, he starts to cough and I take that as my cue to leave.


I give him an apologetic look.


“Well I don’t want to risk catching whatever you have so I’m going to leave now.” I say. I wish I didn’t have to leave…WHICH HE CAN OBVIOUSLY TELL BECAUSE NOW HE’S SMIRKING AT ME!


“Aww. You missed me.” He says. I immediately frown.


“I did not!” I quickly exclaim but he is shaking his head.


“You really did. It’s all over your face. Just admit it.” He says.


“NEVER!!” I exclaim.


He reaches over and starts to tickle me.


“Admit it! Admit it!” he demands and I laugh uncontrollably. I hate him right now. He knows that I am extremely ticklish.


I try to hold on for a little while. I don’t want him to have the satisfaction!! But I just can’t seem to hold on any longer.


“Fine!” I exclaim with finality and David finally stops his attack on my ribs.


“I missed you.” I say with as much dignity and pride as I can muster.


And I point my nose upwards and proceed to strut out of the room.


“See. Was that so hard to admit?” he asks and I turn back around and give him a look before continuing out of the room. 


“You’ll come see me tomorrow if I’m not feeling any better, right?!” he calls just before I close the door and I open it back up and stick my head into the room.


“Heck no! After the way you tickle-forced me?!” I answer.


“C’mon.” he coaxes. “You have to visit Tinkerbell. She’ll miss you.” He says.


He does have a point.


I roll my eyes at him.


“So you’ll come?” he asks when I don’t reply.


“I’ll be here.” I reply and he smiles because I really think he already knew that I would come. How could I not?


We hope that you enjoyed that! Please leave comments and feedback! Thank you for reading and God bless!


David Henri and Selena Gomez!!

Author’s note: Hello world! This is the first official story of twinsters08 which is actually the collaboration of PrettyGirlRocks and RockerChick08 from fanfiction.net. Fanfiction.net does not allow stories about people in real life so we were forced to turn to LiveJournal. This is actually both of our’s first story on LiveJournal also! This is RockerChick08 who is writing, and PrettyGirlRocks is actually my twin sister! This is our first time actually writing something together and I’m really excited to see how it turns out! I hope you guys enjoy it! Delena rocks! Just go out already!...This is written in Selena's POV! Enjoy!!



Journal to Puerto Rico

Chapter 1: Never Awkard



Okay, I know this is going to sound totally out of the blue and soooo not me…..but I’ve decided to start a journal.


My Dad use to keep one of those things when he was a kid. He would write in it during the summer when he was away at Boy Scout Camp. Gosh I miss him.


I’m such a Daddy’s girl. I talked to him the other day, not for very long sadly, because I had to get back on set. He mentioned something about visiting though! I can’t wait!! But back on topic…..


I got a journal! It’s awesome! Got it from Hollisters! Strangest thing! Didn’t even know they sold those things! Maybe it was a one time thing???.......Anyways it’s black and green (my favorite color!) and it has a guitar on the front. The words “Rock Star” are written under the guitar in silver bold letters. I think this is very fitting because I rock and roll…all night long! Ha ha. Just kidding, I’m a jokester!


Anyways again, the REAL reason I got this journal is to write about my amazing trip to…Puerto Rico!! Yes, I am going to Puerto Rico again and I am so excited because it is such a beautiful place! Can’t wait!!


This time it’s for another movie – not “Princess Protection Program 2!” The first one hasn’t even come out yet! Hold your horses people!...Just kidding! J It’s for the Wizard’s movie!! Can I say that again? THE WIZARD’S MOVIE!!! I can’t believe we’re doing a movie already! So excited!!


And what better way to let out all of my excitement than in a journal! I know pure genius! And this seems like the perfect time to mention that I just so happen to be on my way to beautiful Puerto Rico as we speak….or as I write….and you read! Ha ha!


And why am I writing this like someone’s going to actually read it, because that is definitely the LAST thing I would want! This journal is for MY eyes only…only because I want this to sort of be personal. Not just, “I went to the beach. THE END.” You know? I want to “express my feelings.” Maybe I should start calling it a diary……..sounds to girly! Okay moving on………!


Oh what’s that? You want to know about the view? Well…the clouds are nice. Lol. We are too high to see anything really but I’ll let you know about the scenery when we get low enough to actually see it! Or when the clouds clear up…whichever happens first!


The plane is really nice though! I just love traveling and the seats are soo comfortable! Jake is totally knocked out!!! Like a light!..........*Exhales dramatically* Hold on guys! There’s a spy among us. David can be such a dork sometimes. I can sense his presence. Gosh that sounded lame. I’m a dork to!---------------------------------------------------------


I turn around in my seat and give him “that face.” You know, the one that says “I know your up to something,” basically the eyebrow.


“What are you up to?” I ask him, an amused smile on my face accompanied by a bored eye roll.


He looks back at me and narrows his eyes before speaking.


“I could ask you the same thing.” He says, fixing me with a suspicious look. Did I mention that he is a dork?


He then points to my journal.


“What’s the literature?” he asks.


At the mention of my journal/rockstar I quickly close it and shove it into my carry on. I inwardly cringe at the blush that I know is on my face.


“Wow Selena. Girly much?” David quips and my blush intensifies.  


“I’m going to find out sooner or later and you know it.” He smiles.


I do know it. Which is why I don’t deny it.


“I prefer later.” I finally reply.


“Fine. Have it your way.” David says before moving from behind me and sitting in the seat next to mine.


He then makes a grab for my bag, but I am already two steps ahead of him. (I know him so well.)


I quickly grab it and move it out of his reach.


“Don’t even think about it.” I warn before sticking my tongue out at him.


“Just kidding!” he chuckles slightly before reaching over and ruffling my hair.


“STOP IT! WHAT THE – OH MY GOSH YOU ARE SUCH A LOSER!!” I exclaim and he’s totally cracking up the entire time! Gosh I swear he treats me like I’m his little sister sometimes!!


I shove him. (Playfully of course!) I can never be too mad at him.


“What?!” he says, throwing up his hands in defense. “I like it that way.” He smiles and I give him a very crazy look because I know that my hair is now going every which way thanks to him!  


“I do! It looks very pretty.” He says before stifling a yawn. He leans back in his seat.


“Nap time.” He says quietly before sliding his arm around my chair.


That actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Only two hours until we land; would be good to get some rest.


“Mmmm Great idea.” I murmur before resting my head on his shoulder.


“Look who you’re talking to.” David mumbles, his eyes closed.


“Shut up.” I whisper absentmindedly before closing my eyes, but I just can’t seem to get comfortable…..


I move from his shoulder and rest my head on his lap…There much better.


I sigh as I feel David run his fingers lazily through my hair. I love how things are never awkward with him.


I just know we’re going to have a blast in Puerto Rico, filming.



Author’s note: Alright people that was chapter 1! The chapters are going to be kind of short but they will be updated frequently hopefully! As far as alerts…click follow the story if you want to be alerted whenever we update! Please let us know if you liked it! The reviews/comments would be GREAT encouragement!! You don't have to be a member of the site in order to leave comments!! Thank you sooo much for reading and God bless!