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twinsters08's Journal

28 May
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Hey Hey people this actually two people!!! Twins!!! lol. Hopefully you caught that by the name. We are on Fanfiction under the names PrettyGirlRocks and RockerChick08!!

I am PrettyGirl and I have written many stories for One Tree Hill, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Sailor Moon! You guys should definitely check them out if you have time.

My sister, RockerChick08 has written stories for Suite Life of Zack and Cody, High School Musical, and Life with Derek. She is extremely talented and you should definitely check out her stories as well!!!

This is our first time working together on a story and we are on this site because we are writing a story for Selena Gomez and David Henrie because we love them and we totally think they should get together, lol. But this is a story about there real life!!!! Based off of some real facts!!!! Like they are in PuertoRico right now filming the 'Wizards Movie' so we set the story to take place during their stay there!!! We are hoping maybe they will help us along the way with small facts of their stay there to help make the story more realistic!! Remember this is just a story and I am not sure if the two really go out but they totally have chemistry that is undeniable and this is a fiction based on what we and probably a lot of other people would like to happen between them as well! It is very well written and very realistic so please check it out!!! And let us know what you think!!! It would mean the world to us! Thanks, love you all and God Bless! ~AliandAni

WE're on twitter!! Find us under PrettyGirlRocks and RockerChick08 and do whatever!!! lol Talk to us!